Living in Freeport Florida

A crossroad between North and South Walton Country, Freeport is a peaceful city, home to over 2,400 people. This place still retains that “Old Florida” beauty in it – cool breezes, radiant sunshine and a luxuriant of natural resources are always in close proximity. If you’re a person who enjoys the touch of nature, we have the ultimate sanctuary built for you.

The Splendid Life of a Freeport Resident

Summer is where the life in Freeport really stands out compared to the rest of the other Florida towns. After all, the Beaches of South Walton are just a 20-minute drive away for Freeport residents. Some of them include the Grayton Beach, Santa Rosa Beach and Blue Mountain Beach. Simply take a stroll along the turquoise waters and sugar-sand situated along the 26-mile stretch of coast to take away the stress from a week’s worth of work.

In Freeport’s backyard lies the Choctawhatchee River Water Management Area. Here, residents can seek recreational opportunities such as river fishing, wildlife viewing, and hiking. The array of activities, closely connected to mother nature, gives us a glimpse back into the early days when we were just hunters and gatherers. For those who want to take a step back and appreciate the essence of a simple life, this is it.

Sweet Homes For Sale In Freeport, Florida

Built to complement the serenity, our homes in Freeport are deliberately designed with a modest touch so that you can truly feel “at home”. At Brannon Real Estate, we offer homes for sale, spread all over Freeport for you to choose from. These well-furnished homes range three-bedroom to five-bedroom units to provide your family with a comfortable living. Take look here

With schools serving from the elementary to the high school level, you can give your little ones a holistic education in Freeport. After all, there aren’t a lot of places that can effortlessly combine nature and the classroom together. Coupled with amenities constructed to accentuate the tension-free lifestyle, the residents here don’t see any reason to move out of this paradise.

If you’re looking for homes for sale in Freeport, Florida, Brannon Real Estate Services has the best deals waiting for you. Whether you’re looking for an investment or a stay, we have the means to find the best transaction within your budget. This can be backed by 13 plus years of record sales in the Walton and Holmes County area.

Your Trusted Solution to Buying A House In Freeport, Florida

Unlike relentless realtors who are focused on making transactions (even when they know it’ll go south for their buyers and investors), I’m not fixed on making short-term commissions from your transactions. It’s all about building a relationship with my clients, not a quick sale.

As a Freeport City Council member, I won’t take something that can possibly be the biggest financial transaction in your life so lightly. After all, your well-being is part of my job!

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